DocuLive is a tool for document and case management tailored to both public and private organizations that allows for the production, archiving and reusing of the organization’s most important source of knowledge and information – its documents.

Rich functionality
DocuLive provides every function needed in an electronic case management system – electronic document archive, records, integration with word processing and email, scanning, free-text searches and work flow. Users are offered both web and traditional Windows user interfaces and the application can be easily integrated into other applications such as Office, intranets, ERP, HR, or other internal systems.


A complete solution
DocuLive was built to meet the Norwegian government’s general specifications for case management systems and the national archiving standard, which are among the most stringent in the world. It is comprised of cooperating modules, which when integrated with standard office provide archivists, managers and case workers in public administration with a complete environment for electronic case management.


For public and private organizations
In the public sector, DocuLive meets the requirements of archiving regulations and includes modules for record keeping, electronic archiving, general case management, political committee management, planning and construction cases and publication to the Internet.
For private companies, DocuLive’s general archive and case processing functions based online and in MS Outlook are especially suited for document management in administrative processes.


Flexibility and user-friendliness
DocuLive is built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and is uniquely integrated with the MS Office environment, creating a flexible application and an extremely good user experience.


360° – the next generation application
Software Innovation’s primary focus is on the development of 360°, the next generation of case and document management software.

Upgrading from DocuLive to 360°

By upgrading from DocuLive to 360°, our users gain access to a richer application with more options and better functionality.In addition to the functions included in DocuLive, organizations using 360° will find an application based on SharePoint and Office 2010 which has further capacities for integration, collaboration and cutting-edge case management.


360° has a different set of options for the configuration and composition of the application without requiring any changes to the programming. The integration with Outlook is tighter and functionality for contract management, project work and general process support is broader.


We have now completed a range of upgrading projects and have gained vital experience in terms of the transition.

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