ProArc is the very core of our projects. Together with the engineering database, it is the critical link in all our projects.
Beate Deak Discipline lead - DRM, Apply Sørco
Apply Sørco has been a customer of Software Innovation and ProArc since 2005. They use ProArc for managing the expansive technical documentation of its projects. The records management system has gradually been expanded and adapted for new customers and projects. Beate Deak had a vision to take it one step further and make ProArc the core of the project process
- We have achieved our goal – it has been a long journey, but the result is wonderful.

Beate Deak, Discipline lead - DRM, Apply Sørco


Technical Document Management and Archive

ProArc is the result of 30 years of development with some of the most innovative companies in the world. The solution meets the toughest security requirements of engineering businesses all over the world. Each year ProArc organize millions of technical documents for hundreds of companies for all kinds of projects.

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