Since we implemented the 360° Information Act Requests module in our Public 360° solution we have phased out a large number of administrative procedures, including printing, franking and posting.
Lars Slavensky ESDH project manager, Danish Coastal Authority
With an increasing number of information act requests, which numbered close to 160 cases last year with double that number expected this year, the Danish Coastal Authority used to allocate a lot of resources to processing information act requests. It was not unusual for three or four employees to spend up to 14 days processing a case. Processing involved both an inspection team and the relevant case handler, and was incredibly onerous and time-consuming. The Danish Coastal Authority anticipates that annual savings in resources will be between 1.5 and 2 full-time positions.

The new solution simplifies the entire process. The inspection team can search for the relevant documents itself, and the only time the case handler becomes involved is when decisions need to be made on whether some documents need to be excluded from the information act request.


Case-, Document- and Records Management

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