Business 360° Online was much cheaper than alternative solutions, and it is user-friendly. We started using it pretty much overnight.
Ditte Jensen Director, Danish Federation of Leisure and Allotment Gardeners
Business 360° Online has allowed the Danish Federation of Leisure and Allotment Gardeners to take back day-to-day control. Everything is now saved in a single shared archive. This ensures professional record management, as employees always have a full overview and know where records and e-mails can be found. They can document the processes relating to e.g. negotiations, and have control of versions, history, case progression, responses to hearing requests and deadlines.

It is easy for each employee to record telephone queries and check whether a person or association has been involved in any similar cases before, or whether there is any link between different queries. The employee can also see earlier responses and might even reuse these.


Case-, Document- and Records Management

A company’s most important resource is its people, and the collective information they have access to. Business 360° provides secure and efficient document management for private businesses.

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