I asked the engineers how they wanted to work, and compared it to how document checkers wanted to work. The ProArc standard functionality took care of almost all of our needs.
Bente Holter-Olsen Lead Document Controller, Ocean Installer
When Holter-Olsen joined Ocean Installer in 2011, he was employee number 13.
- I came from another offshore company where I had created a ProArc system from Software Innovation. Introducing ProArc at Ocean Installer was a natural choice – I had no reason to look elsewhere. The work with implementing the system started immediately. ProArc can handle AutoCAD and other file formats that the company uses. We needed to make sure that the system could grow at the same rate as Ocean Installer in the hiring of engineers.  

Bente Holter-Olsen, Lead Document Controller, Ocean Installer


Technical Document Management and Archive

ProArc is the result of 30 years of development with some of the most innovative companies in the world. The solution meets the toughest security requirements of engineering businesses all over the world. Each year ProArc organize millions of technical documents for hundreds of companies for all kinds of projects.

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