The solution has become very popular with the municipality, saving NOK 20,000 in printing costs for each paperless meeting in the city council. Support requests associated with the office support tools have been reduced by 85%. The employees are more satisfied and experience more efficient ICT systems.
Pål Nilsen Communications Manager, Sarpsborg Municipality
In 2002, Sarpsborg chose to stop using Microsoft products in favor of OpenOffice and other free solutions. It would turn out to be a costly affair, as each employee spent an average of 20–40 minutes a day on ICT problems. The solution was to replace the Open Source solutions with a system platform based on Microsoft technology and standardized solutions. Now the integration with technical systems and the outside world is easier, complete documentation serves to streamline case management and provides an greater degree of service, while paperless meetings reduce printing costs. A new website and social media strengthen the dialogue between the municipality and its residents, and the ICT solutions contribute to a more streamlined and cost-effective municipality.


Case-, Document- and Records Management

Public 360° speeds up digitization and provides improved resident services. The solution is Noark 5-approved and supports key work processes within state, county and municipal authorities, health care businesses, research and education.

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