In our projects, parts of the projecting is completed by our subcontractors and we purchase finished products. Our most important task is to integrate them into comprehensive systems. These must be documented in accordance with different requirements. To satisfy this need we have used ProArc for 10 years. It gives us a safe and central storage place where we have full control over letters, emails, drawings, manuals, procedures, correspondence, and more. We have full traceability and a complete history of all our documents.
Magnus Wessel-Aas Project Manager, Siemens
- ProArc is completely indispensable to us for achieving the desired quality and efficiency in our deliveries. We have many projects in Asia, and in that region it is particularly important because they don’t have such records and control systems there. We always have two parallel archives for each project: one for documents that can be edited and the other for documents that cannot be edited. In addition we have a customer portal that makes documents in ProArc available to the customer. Based, of course, on strong access rules.

Magnus Wessel-Aas, Project Manager, Siements


Technical Document Management and Archive

ProArc is the result of 30 years of development with some of the most innovative companies in the world. The solution meets the toughest security requirements of engineering businesses all over the world. Each year ProArc organize millions of technical documents for hundreds of companies for all kinds of projects.

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