The introduction of an electronic document and archiving system creates a win-win situation for both applicants and case workers. The system is a prerequisite for being able to process applications online in the future.
Hjarn Zernichow Borberg Office and LEAN Manager, The Danish Immigration Service

With over 100,000 cases solved annually and with 500 employees, the Danish Immigration Service has a large number of documents that must be kept track of. The cases are complex and require long storage and processing time. The case management involves a lot of searches and cooperation across different organizations. To meet these challenges, the Danish Immigration Service chose to implement Public 360° from Software Innovation. Public 360° was chosen as solution for the entire Ministry of Refugees, the Immigration and Integration Service, for a total of 850 users.


Case-, Document- and Records Management

Public 360° speeds up digitization and provides improved resident services. The solution is Noark 5-approved and supports key work processes within state, county and municipal authorities, health care businesses, research and education.

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