Visibility and oversight through statistics from 360° is an important tool for creating an increased focus on data quality when entering cases, optimizing procedures and shortening case processing times.
Torild Lund Andersen Department Director, The Norwegian System of Patient Injury Compensation

At NPE, huge amounts of data are handled daily – both documents, basic data entry and emails. About 4,000 compensation claims are received each year from patients who believe they have been injured from treatment in the healthcare system and the caseload is growing. NPE regularly gets inquiries from the healthcare sector with requests for relevant information, and works strategically to employ good collaborative solutions. With case and records management in Public 360° based on SharePoint, combined with management reporting, NPE has a solution that supports good collaborative procedures and control across units.


Case-, Document- and Records Management

Public 360° speeds up digitization and provides improved resident services. The solution is Noark 5-approved and supports key work processes within state, county and municipal authorities, health care businesses, research and education.

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