By choosing Public 360° Online, it is ensured that we will always have the most up to date version, simple system administration and a secure solution. Since it is cloud-based, we avoid a major investment and we have obtained a solution that is much more affordably priced
Jørgen Fidjeland General manager , Tønsberg Renseanlegg
Tønsberg renseanlegg IKS, with its staff of ten employees, is an intermunicipal treatment plant owned by the municipalities of Nøtterøy, Re, Stokke, Tjøme and Tønsberg. The company is bound by Noark 5 and the Freedom of Information Act.

Tønsberg renseanlegg IKS have previously purchased software and competence for servicing of the owner municipality.
– Each time we needed to make upgrades to the software, we were dependent upon available capacity in the owner municipality. In our organization, we only have one person with the necessary competence for servicing the systems. It is expensive and has made us vulnerable,” says general manager, Jørgen Fidjeland.

– We considered buying into the owner municipalities’ archive solution, but the system contained much functionality that was not relevant for our company. We found this to be too cumbersome, and we became too dependent on the data related knowledge of certain individuals. Cloud-based services are therefore ideally suited to our needs.

Jørgen Fidjeland, general manager at Tønsberg renseanlegg IKS


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