Engineering and Construction

For engineering and construction companies it is important to have good control on documentation to deliver a successful project. To achieve good control on documentation it is necessary with solutions that facilitate just that.


Businesses in the construction industry provide services and expertise that depend on collaboration between owners, architects, developers, and subcontractors to be able to complete their projects.

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Oil and Gas

Companies in the oil and gas industry participate in large capital intensive projects that involve a large number of suppliers and people. It is therefore mission critical to keep control over production, distribution, storage, and editing of documentation.

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Transportation and Infrastructure

In large infrastructure projects it is critical to have good control and overview of documentation and information flow to complete a successful project. The documentation not only plays an important role in the actual project, but is also critical for operation and maintenance.

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Technical Document Management and Archive

ProArc is the result of 30 years of development with some of the most innovative companies in the world. The solution meets the toughest security requirements of engineering businesses all over the world. Each year ProArc organize millions of technical documents for hundreds of companies for all kinds of projects.

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