Businesses in the construction industry provide services and expertise that depend on collaboration between owners, architects, developers, and subcontractors to be able to complete their projects.

ProArc is a tool that enables the business to manage document exchange in the collaboration between project members. Strict revision control means that the project participants always get the latest version of the document presented, and the archive is always in control of the building documentation.

By choosing ProArc you get

  • complete overview of deliveries (what, when, to whom)
  • traceability and reduced risk in all projects
  • support for a number of coding and numbering standards such as NS 3451
  • smart and efficient document sharing and collaboration
  • revision control that always displays the latest version of a document
  • better supply control and simple transfer processes

ProArc can be integrated with the maintenance system, making it easy to retrieve the correct documentation when the project is complete and the facility is in operation. ProArc can be made accessible via a mobile application so that the engineers that depend on being mobile can easily access relevant documentation when they need it.

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ProArc is being used to build Oslo Airport, the main expansion and terminal 2


Illustration of Gardermoen 2017