Oil and Gas

Companies in the oil and gas industry participate in large capital intensive projects that involve a large number of suppliers and people. It is therefore mission critical to keep control over production, distribution, storage, and editing of documentation.

After several years of booming business, the industry is now struggling with high costs and low oil prices. This places higher demands on the players and means that you have to think smarter and work more effectively with what you have. ProArc is a system for technical records management and provides a shared storage space for all types of technical documentation in a project. A shared system for all documentation makes collaboration between various project participants much easier, and you have an overview of the project documentation’s status and progress at all times. The solution helps reduce your business’s lead times so you can reduce your costs and work more efficiently.

ProArc is a system that

  • provides a complete overview of deliveries (what, when, to whom)
  • provides traceability and reduced risk in all projects
  • provides support for a number of coding and numbering standards such as NORSOK
  • lets you collaborate across companies
  • has revision control and always displays the latest version of a document
  • provides good delivery control and simple transfer processes
  • supports best practice business processes and workflow
  • has a low user threshold and integration with Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, etc.
  • provides streamlined handling of transmittals

ProArc can be delivered to all kinds of players in the oil and gas industry. The solution is delivered as a flexible standard solution that can be customized to the business you work in, and therefore works for both owners, EPCs and suppliers.

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ProArc is used today to operate the Troll A platform.

ProArc is also being used to design and build the new Johan Sverdrup platform.