Transportation and Infrastructure

In large infrastructure projects it is critical to have good control and overview of documentation and information flow to complete a successful project. The documentation not only plays an important role in the actual project, but is also critical for operation and maintenance.

ProArc provides you with a shared storage space for all documentation associated with an infrastructure project. Strict revision control means that the project participants always see the latest version of the document.

ProArc is a solution that

  • provides a complete overview of deliveries (what, when, to whom)
  • provides traceability and reduced risk in all projects
  • has smart and efficient document sharing and cooperation
  • provides good delivery control and simple transfer processes
  • provides easy monitoring of changes and new documents in modification projects

When a project has been completed, ProArc can be integrated with the maintenance system, making it easy to retrieve documentation for operation and maintenance. This makes maintenance easier and helps reduce costs. ProArc can be made accessible via a mobile application so that the engineers that depend on being mobile can easily access relevant documentation when they need it.

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ProArc was used to build Gardermobanen, which is the railway tracks the Flytoget airport train uses between the Oslo Central Train Station and Oslo Airport.