Healthcare enterprise

Every day, healthcare enterprises produce, share, store and update large amounts of information. There are high demands placed regarding costs, service and patient security, and businesses must follow rules and requirements for accountability and public scrutiny.

For businesses to live up to the demands and expectations of patients, employees, public agencies and other stakeholders, enterprises must have good information management and collaboration solutions. The Public 360º case and document management solution helps healthcare enterprises improve their records and information management for higher productivity, quality and control. The solution supports the specific needs of the healthcare sector and was developed in collaboration with Scandinavian healthcare enterprises.

Advantages for healthcare enterprises:

  • supports record keeping and archiving of email, correspondence and other supporting documents in accordance with legal requirements (Noark 5)
  • entirely electronic, user-friendly records management with PDF signing for better case management and shorter case processing times
  • familiar Office user interface and role-based workspace
  • excellent integration with SharePoint, Outlook and Office
  • improved archiving and good document capture from technical systems
  • capacity for internet services and self-service for patients, partners and employees
  • simple search and retrieval of information
  • better enterprise management and management control
  • efficient project workflow and collaboration
  • paperless, efficient meeting management
  • excellent management of internal and external comments processes, complaints and governing documents
  • HR document and case management (employment documents, personnel files)
  • support for contract management and document management in the procurement processes
  • handling of classified or confidential records
  • sharing of expertise and knowledge between employees and members
  • improved workflow and processes for information management and collaboration, between individuals and across entities.

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