Local and regional governmental agencies

Local and regional authorities currently face higher demands with respect to the provision of services, electronic collaboration, transparent administration and increased profitability. Residents expect good service and availability, and there are high internal requirements for efficiency, quality and accountability.

For several years, Software Innovation has worked closely with a number of Scandinavian municipalities to gain a solid understanding of the current sector challenges, needs and trends. The result is Public 360°, a unique Noark 5-approved industry solution for case and records management based on Microsoft SharePoint. The solution allows for efficient and future-oriented digital management, collaboration and communication with residents.

Advantages of Public 360° in the municipal sector:

  • satisfies legal requirements for record keeping, archiving and document processing
  • internet services provided to residential and corporate users and organizations
  • digital case processing for better case management and shorter case processing times
  • familiar Office user interface and role-based workspace
  • sharing of expertise and knowledge among employees
  • smart and efficient collaboration, document management and project work flow
  • simple search and retrieval of information for excellent traceability
  • achieve goals through follow-up of policy issues and decisions
  • paperless meetings for tablets
  • better enterprise management and management control
  • improved archiving and good document capture from technical systems

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