Research and education

Knowledge businesses and project organizations need to exchange knowledge and cooperate across national borders and disciplines. Team and department members seek, create, share and develop daily knowledge, and the focus on streamlining work processes is of vital importance.

With 360° for research and education, these enterprises can produce, store, share and retrieve information in a secure and efficient manner. 360° for research and education facilitates an improved work flow and appropriate processes for the handling of information and collaboration between individuals and across departments.

Advantages with 360° for research and education:

  • easy search, retrieval and traceability of information
  • efficient project workflow and collaboration in SharePoint
  • sharing of expertise and knowledge among employees
  • supports easy sharing of information, better collaboration and communication
  • available transparency with easy access to cases and documents
  • smart and efficient records management (production, sharing, storage and retrieval)
  • paperless, efficient meeting management
  • efficient project workflow and coordination in MS SharePoint
  • familiar Office user interface and role-based workspace
  • sharing of expertise and knowledge between employees and members

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